Protective coating for glass surfaces 3-12 months

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Thoroughly wash the surface of the glass, to remove dust, dirt, grease, traces of insects and other contaminants with detergent that does not contain silicone. Fully degrease the surface. Recommend the use of specially designed for this KRYTEX Optic and versatile degreaser-activator adhesion KRYTEX DEGREASER. Carefully wipe the glass dry with a clean microfiber, it is possible to heat the glass infrared lamp or a Hairdryer.



Shake the bottle. Open the lid and moisten the applicator tool. Apply small circular movements without pressure, without leaving blanks and spaces. Possible to accelerate the reaction between the glass and the coating, it is recommended to use IR-lamp or a Hairdryer.



After 20-30 minutes, use a clean dry microfiber, straightforward movements with the application of a small effort polishing the treated surface, removing the formed after applying a light matte film. The glass should be completely transparent and smooth. If when you remove the film you have to make a big enough effort then the tool is well reacted with the glass. For maximum effect avoid contact with water on treated surface for 1-2 hours.

Attention! Since the windshield is experiencing the most aggressive impact, it is recommended to apply two layers.


Conditions: Apply at a temperature below 10°C and humidity above 60%. It is possible to apply outdoors in dry, windless weather.

Do not store in the light. Do not leave open. Let's say a small pellet. By freezing the tool does not lose its characteristics


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