Protective coating for car body 1 year

Coating that combines amazing set of exploitative features protects your car paint perfectly. There was invested around 8 million rubles in a creating unique formulation MEGA 8 including 5 million rubles on purchasing of 150 sample components from all over the world and conducting more than 1,000 tests. Our product is a comprehensive composition of polymers and organosilicon fluids.


Several processes occur after applying MEGA 8 on car body:

a) surface diffusion (penetration) in the paint;

b) transition from the liquid material (amorphous) phase to the solid one;

c) material builds up the crystal lattice;

g) material polymerizes and crosslinks the crystal lattice with a paint.


Application of MEGA 8 creates a layer on the surface of car just in a few hours that has following technical performance:

-1 layer thickness of 60-80 nanometers;

- hydrophobic behaviour from 114 to 118.5 degrees;

- Shore hardness of 93 units. (Paint 87 pcs.);

- 100% resistance to chemicals with a pH of from 1 to 14 (all acid and base);

- 100% resistance to all the alkane and aromatic solvents;

- 100% resistance to UV rays with a wavelength of 10 to 400 nm;

- Maintains 50 contact washers / 30,000 km / 12 months.


All of the above technical performance give the car paint covering following internals:

- The surface is less polluted (due to strong hydrophobe);

- The paint does not burn and maintain the natural color (UV protection);

- Reduces the risk of chips (due to an increased hardness);

- Reduces the risk of damage to the car paint covering from washes with poor quality of chemicals and qualification of cleaners;

- Increases the tactile smoothness of the surface (due to the dense molecular structure);

- Anti-graffiti (4 layers);

- Enhanced brilliance and saturation of car paint

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