Protective coating for car tyres 1-2 months

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internals Retains luster and color depth Protects from cracking and external environment Retains the natural color Has the effect of darkening up to 3 months Has a dirt - repellent effect technical performance Durability: 1-3 months / 5 thousand km / up to 10 washes Resistance to alkalis and acids: pH 2-14 Flow rate: 50 ml for 2 sets 17-19 inch wheels


set 50 ml bottle, manual

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1. Wash the rubber with a sponge (brushes), using detergents with a high content of surfactants, it is desirable to do it on a professional cleaning with shampoo for contactless sink, diluted 1 to 10

2. Degrease the surface of the rubber with isopropyl alcohol or KRYTEX™ Degreaser. Wait for complete drying. You can use a hair dryer to accelerate the drying process

3. Applying a first layer. Using microfiber to RUB the compound into rubber surface. This layer will be the substrate for the next

4. Apply a second layer. Using the same microfibre after 5-10 minutes, apply with light pressure the composition of KRYTEX™ Nano black, evenly distributing over the surface. To accelerate curing, it is desirable to use an IR lamp, or hair dryer, for another 5 minutes

5. Applying the third coat. Repeat step number 4. Application pressure must be extremely light to achieve a thick protective layer

6. Operation can begin immediately. Wash the tires two days before complete solidification. The period covering 1 month / 8 washes



- avoid contact with water in the process of applying. The first layer should be applied on clean, degreased and COMPLETELY dry surface

- apply the composition at temperatures below 15 degrees

- the use of IR lamps and a hair dryer will speed up the polymerization process and enhance the properties of the coating

- it is recommended to apply at least 2 layers of KRYTEX™ Nano black for optimal protection

- do not wash the vehicle with the use of chemicals after application for 2 days

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